10 Best DJ Mixers For Beginners & Professionals

Best DJ Mixers

Creating music and presenting it to the world is an achievement in itself. Music is food for the soul and it is the life of any party, any gathering, and a balm for the hands that have been dealt out for you. But the truth is that the person responsible for the music is responsible … Read more

How Much Do Rappers Make?

How Much Do Rappers Make

As we keep talking about how artists make money, a common question is, “How much do rappers make per show?” Many rappers who are just starting out ask this question because they want to know how much their favorite rapper is making. Knowing how much money their favorite rapper makes reinforces their idea that the … Read more

10 Best Portable Turntables With Built In Speakers, Bluetooth

Best Portable Turntables With Built In Speakers, Bluetooth

Although digital music currently rules the world, the beauty of the vinyl record has never been completely lost. Many music lovers often turn to this piece of old technology to relive the beautiful, high-quality sound it produces. That being said, playing music from a vinyl record is a ritual in and of itself. The sliding … Read more

Top 15 Best DJ Controllers For Serato, Rekordbox & Virtual DJ

Best DJ Controllers For Serato Rekordbox Virtual DJ

DJ controllers are specialized hardware components that provide hands-on control of DJing software. DJ controllers have changed the game by integrating good software and hardware to control and adjust settings. The new DJ controllers combine the functions of a mixer, a player, and software. They also allow for different connections for digital audio. Check out … Read more