Top 15 Best App For DJ: Best Free & Paid Mix DJ App on Android & iOS

Best DJ App

Are you looking for the best app for dj? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of fifteen of our favorite apps that are available on both iOS and Android. Whether you’re a novice or pro, this article is sure to help you find your perfect match.

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Why A DJ Need To Use App for Djing

A DJ or Disc Jockey is a person who plays recorded music for an audience. In the past, they used turntables and vinyl records. But in the modern world, DJs can use laptops and other digital devices to play music. Today’s DJs use computer software to mix different recorded tracks together in unique ways. Many mobile applications are now available for this purpose!

Check out the 15 best apps below for DJ

#0 MIXO (Mac/iOS) – Free

This app lets you mix two tracks at the same time. You can use this by choosing a song on one track and then picking another track for the other one. It doesn’t support live mixing, but it’s really cool nonetheless.

#1 DJEMBE (Mac/iOS) – $10

DJembe is a virtual dj mixer that supports over 100 different sounds and melodies. What makes DJembe unique is its ability to save and clear audio samples in the app without saving them to your phone’s storage, as well as its ability to automatically detect when a song has ended or started.

#2 DJ COMBO (Mac/iOS) – Free

Combine two songs and save them in the same file. Use this for quick edits or for building future mixes to download later. With DJ Combo, you can create playlists of your songs and set them as custom mix presets. You also can create a custom loop that plays through the song. It’s an easy way to combine 2 different tracks, and it’s great for mixing vocals with instruments or instruments with vocals.

#3 DJ Music Mixer (Android) – Free

This app lets you add DJ effects and layers to your music. This is great for making mixes, or for playing a short musical part over a longer song. You can import songs from the internet and mix them together with the ones on your phone or tablet. The app comes with several samples to get you started, but it’s easy to create your own samples as well. It’s an awesome free tool for adding some spice to your music collection!

#4 DJ Music Mixer Pro (Android) – $2.99

This popular music mixing app lets you combine two songs at once, and it lets you adjust all of the tracks using just one screen. There are more than 30 virtual DJ effects that you can apply. There is also a looping feature that lets you play a short segment of the song that you want repeated over and over again.

#5 BeatMaker 2 (iOS) – $9.99

BeatMaker 2 offers real-time mixing, pattern creation, music recording and loops, sequencing, and MIDI tracks. It’s great for professional producers who need to regularly mix different songs together for live sets or for remixing purposes. This app has been around for quite some time, but it’s still one of the best out there today if you plan on building long mixes of songs to perform live or to share with others online.

#6 BeatMaker Express (iOS) – $4.99

This free app is a great way to start creating beats and music with no experience or knowledge. It comes with a diverse set of audio effects that can be applied to your audio files, as well as background loops and MIDI tracks you can use to play along to your music. It’s definitely an app for beginners, but if you’re just looking to make some noise, it might be the best option out there for you.

#7 FL Studio Mobile HD (iOS) – $9.99

This app comes with everything you’d expect from the desktop version of FL Studio. It’s a powerful multi-track sequencer that’s great for live performances, remixing songs or anything else you need to do related to music production. It works best with external MIDI keyboards and can also be used as a DJ app when paired with turntables or Mixfader.

#8 Pacemaker. iOS (Free + IAP)

Pacemaker is a native metronome app for iOS. It has a simple design and gets the job done. If you need a metronome to keep time in studio or to control the tempo of your band when performing live, Pacemaker is the app for you. There are no bells and whistles with Pacemaker, which is good because it keeps the focus on the single task at hand – keeping time.

#9 djay 2. Android / iOS (£2.99 – £3.99 + IAP)

djay 2 is a full-featured DJ app that allows you to mix songs like a pro. It has a built-in library of free samples and loops, allowing you to create mixes and tracks within the app itself. You can choose your own image as the visualizer, which is a fun way to add your personal flavor to the mix. djay also comes with Spotify integration so you can search for music and playlists directly within the app.

#10 Serato Pyro. iOS (Free)

Serato Pyro is an app designed to get you started with Serato DJ. Serato Pyro is a bare-bones app and focuses on getting the job done. It works with both Android and iOS devices. With Serato Pyro you can import your music collection, playlists, or complete sets from an external hard drive. It’s great for beginners who want to dive right into mixing tracks in a very quick manner without much setup time.

#11 edjing 5. Android / iOS (Free + IAP)

Edjing 5 is a full-featured DJ app that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It comes with Spotify integration, a library of free samples and loops, and the ability to mix music using virtual turntables. You can choose from several color themes when creating your mixes, and you also can perform live with other users over the internet.

#12 djay Pro. iOS (£14.99 + IAP)

djay Pro is the latest in a long line of DJ apps created by algoriddim. djay Pro has several tools to help you mix music, create loops, and perform with other users online. The app comes with a library of free samples and loops, and you’ll find it easy to import your own tracks. You can set music to play thru the app’s internal mixer or through external hardware. With djay Pro, you can mix songs in live performance or build up an awesome playlist for friends and family to enjoy at home.

DJing is a great way to keep people on the dance floor while entertaining them at the same time.

#13 Cross DJ. Android / iOS (Free + IAP)

Cross DJ is a free music mixing app that was made for parties. It allows you to play with other users over the internet, and it comes with a library of free loops that can be applied to your music.

#14 Traktor DJ. iOS (£7.99 + IAP)

Traktor DJ is a digital DJ application that’s heavy on features and light on costs. Traktor has an extremely powerful feature set and works best with external MIDI controllers. It lets you perform live with other users online, perform remixes and create new tracks from scratch, plus it has the ability to import tracks from your iTunes library.

There are several ways to share your music and show it off to others as well as share it with friends and family members who are interested in hearing your music.

#15 Scratchers Delight (iOS) – £4.99

This app is for those who want a simple DJ app that allows them to play virtual turntables. It’s pretty much the only DJ app available for iPad 2 and iPad mini. It works with any external mixing interface that you can hook up to your iOS device, so if you have an additional mixer or controller laying around, this could be a great option for you.


Best OS For DJ?

Android is great for DJing. It has an incredibly large selection of apps to choose from, and many of the top brands in the industry have released applications for Android users as well.

Android also can be used with a wide variety of MIDI devices. Being able to hook up your MIDI devices to your Android device is something that’s not currently available on iOS devices, so you’ll really need to use an Android phone if you plan on using a MIDI controller with your device while DJing.

Android phones also have removable storage, allowing you to add extra storage if your internal memory ever fills up.

What to look for when buying dj software?

There are a few features to consider when it comes to DJing. The first thing to look for is a well designed app that has all of the tools you’ll need to mix tracks.

You’ll want to check out the built-in effects because they can add a unique spin to your music.

The main differences between apps will come down to their ease of use and how much they cost. You’ll want to find an app that works with your mobile devices without making you feel like you’re missing out on anything by choosing another one.

If you’re planning on mixing music with others online, make sure that your app allows you to do so. Many apps now allow users to hook up and mix tracks together and perform live over the internet.

Some people also like to have a few extra features to play with when creating new tracks or performing live.

What are the best apple ios dj apps?

The best app for mixing music with a DJ controller is djay Pro.

The application has been designed for both iPhone and iPad and comes with an inbuilt library of free samples and loops. The library includes drum beats, synths, FX, acoustic guitars, lead instruments and more.

You can mix tracks using virtual turntables or play your music through an external mixer without missing out on any features.

If you’re looking for something that’s more than just a mixer app then you should take a look at Mixvibes Cross DJ which has built-in Spotify integration to allow you to search through your favorite tracks directly within the app.

It also includes free effects so that you can mix and scratch your tracks in style.

How do I make a mashup song for free?

There are a number of free DJ apps that have built-in tools that allow you to create mashups and remixes of your favorite songs.

The first step in creating a mashup or remix is to sign up for an account at SoundCloud. You can use their website to upload your tracks and remixes.

Once you have your own tracks uploaded, you can choose from other user’s tracks or create a track yourself. Mashups and remixes are created by cutting up one track into segments and then adding these segments onto another track.

Android has an extensive range of DJ apps that are designed for all skill levels, but they’re not as easy to find as the apps on iOS devices.

What dj software for windows?

Mobile DJs have a huge selection of DJ apps they can use to mix music, create mashups, and perform in front of audiences.

If you want to mix tracks with your friends online then you should check out djay Pro which allows you to connect with bpm sync which means that the beat match feature can be fine tuned. It also allows you to share your performances live over the internet.

If you want easy access to music then Cross DJ is a great app for mixing and creating mashups of all kinds. It comes with an inbuilt library of free loops that can be applied to your music.

For those who are looking for something more than just a mixer app, Traktor DJ is a popular choice for iPad users.

What are the best android tablet dj apps?

If you’re looking for the best DJ apps for Android tablets then look no further. djay Pro is available on both Android and iOS devices and has been designed for the top tier of mobile DJs. It takes care of all the mixing work without you having to do it yourself, allowing you to mix up to four tracks at a time, mix them with external turntables, and share your mixes with your friends.

DJay Pro also allows users to take advantage of Spotify integration without having to use their desktop computer or laptop.

Mixvibes Cross DJ is great for those who are looking for something a little more than a traditional DJ mixer app.

Sum Up

With 15 apps above, I hope you can find the right app to satisfy your musical needs.

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to these apps, so the audio and visual performance of some of these apps may not be up to par with all users’ expectations. That’s why it’s important for developers to continue improving on their existing products or come out with new products that meet user needs.