10 Best DJ Mixers For Beginners & Professionals

Best DJ Mixers

Creating music and presenting it to the world is an achievement in itself. Music is food for the soul and it is the life of any party, any gathering, and a balm for the hands that have been dealt out for you. But the truth is that the person responsible for the music is responsible for the overall mood and atmosphere of the party.

DJs can make or break a party, they can elevate it to a whole new level or make it a bust. The best tool in a DJ’s arsenal is a DJ mixer, which is an audio setup used to manipulate and edit audio signals. They are also used to seamlessly switch from one song to the next. They are the essence of the party, and because they are so important, it is important to know the intricacies surrounding their purchase. This guide aims to do just that.

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DJ mixers vs. audio mixers

A DJ mixer has several features that distinguish it from an audio mixer. The most important of these are:

  • It allows you to match beats with two or more audio channels.
  • It allows you to use your mix in creative ways.
  • It allows you to apply effects and filter them into your audio channels.
  • They make your DJ mix stand out and be phenomenal.
  • Some DJ mixers have capabilities beyond these four main features, but in general, these are the qualities that set them apart from audio mixers.

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The 4 main features:

The four main features of DJ mixers are as follows:

Beat Matching Support:

At floor level, beat matching support means that the device will provide you with an audio clip on the headphones of audio channels that are not transmitted through the speakers. This allows you to match the beat of the songs to the live music. While this may seem like an obvious feature of the average DJ mixer, mixers vary exponentially in how they do this. For example, some mixers allow you to listen through your headphones to the primary channel and the channel you want to direct your beat too, eliminating the need for an intervening monitor speaker. For this reason, some DJs have headphones on both ears instead of one. It is recommended to use preview mixing as it protects your ears from damage.

Use your mix with creativity:

While there are faders that allow you to increase the volume from zero to a hundred, only this feature would make mixing a boring affair. DJ mixers have cross-faders that up the game and make it much more playful. They allow you to quickly cut and switch between 2 tracks with matching beats, scratch mix the tunes, and get creative with gates and kill switches.

Effect application and filtering on audio channels:

Audio mixers have the ability to connect effects hardware externally, but DJ mixers have the hardware built into the units themselves. The number of effects and what can be done with them depends on your budget. At the lowest level, you need to gain control for low, mid, and high frequencies. DJ mixers, however, can do much more than that. More specifically, digital mixers let you layer multiple effects and filters across multiple channels. Multiple layering and filtering will turn your DJ set into a DJ set that’s in a league of its own, distorting and manipulating streamed tunes to create something unique, fresh, and new.

Elevate your DJ set:

DJ mixers come with all the tools you need in one unit. Mixers have different sizes and features, but the premise of all is the same: make music amazing.

Key considerations

Before choosing a device, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What style of music do I play?

It’s worth thinking about your main music genre because the subtleties will help you along the way and achieve your vision. For example, beat matching is a little easier when the tempo is fast. So if you like house music, you want to consider a mixer that comes with better beat matching features. The general suggestions are as follows:

Hip Hop or Pop Music:

The ideal mixer is one that lets you perform tight scratches and light cuts between tracks in addition to cueing your tracklist quickly.

DJ House Music:

The ideal mixer is one that comes equipped with plenty of effects and filters that add layers of texture to your set. It should also be able to record and distort loops and snippets of audio channels.

Drum and Bass or Hardcore:

The ideal mixer has multiple audio channels and a variety of input variations.

2. Where will the DJ mixer be used:

Portability is a top priority factor, as DJ mixers vary in size and features. Buying a mixer that only sings and dances is unnecessary if lugging it around is a pain. The general suggestions are:

Mobile disco DJ:

The ideal mixer is something that is very lightweight, easy to set up, and strong enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with portability.

Bedroom or Home DJ:

If you are a newbie, then the ideal mixer is of medium size. It should not be excessive in size, as it takes up space, so space is an issue.

The ideal mixer features flexibility, intuitive design, and a variety of input and output options.

3, What type of mixing is performed:

The answer to this lies in the type of music you enjoy. For example, if you are inclined toward house music and also scratch mixing, then you need to think carefully about the type of mixer you choose for your music endeavors. That’s because scratch mixing on a device that isn’t designed for it can spoil the fun of it, while making the endeavor more difficult. This brings us to the types of mixers that are out there.

Types of mixers

There are quite a few types of mixers, the most important of which are:

Analog Vs. Digital:

First, it is advisable to distinguish between old school and new school mixers. Modern DJ mixers are digital. They have features like USB ports, sound cards, effects, and filter software, etc. They rely on laptops and act as an extension of laptops. They are also equipped with premium audio chips that take audio from various sources. They have 4 decks with additional inputs and outputs. On the other hand, analog mixers are very simple, reliable and easy to use. They are cheaper and very portable.

Scratch vs regular:

Scratch mixers revolve around the crossfader. They have a strong but extremely slippery crossfader that runs over them. It’s designed to help you cut in and out of scratch audio quickly, precisely, and accurately. Regular mixers that have a crossfader but aren’t dedicated scratch mixers will never look this good. Scratch mixers are elegant yet simple, which makes them reliable and solid without being distracted by various bells and whistles.Top 15 Best DJ Mixers in 2019 – Ultimate Guide of the Board.

Sample looping mixers:

Sample looping mixers let you loop parts of songs, manipulate them, post-process audios, and create newer, fresher versions of the song on the spot. Sample-looping mixers should be approached with caution, however. Make sure they are simple, so that recording and looping music is very easy and straightforward. It should also be very easy to store and switch between numerous loops. Moreover, it should also be possible to synchronize loops with master tracks or a BPM. Also, you should not be attracted to cheaper options as they can be deceptive.

Two decks vs. four decks:

Two deck mixers are more traditional, with one deck dealing with the current music being played, while the second deck checks in on headphones and beat matching and deals with mixing the track. Two decks have also evolved over the years, increasing creativity by adding analog turntables and the like. Four deck mixers deal with playing, looping, previewing and cueing the next track at the same time. However, four-deck mixers are complicated to use and can make failures a higher probability.

The 15 Best Dj Mixers in 2022

#1 Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 Battle Mixer.

The DJM-S9 is Pioneer’s first two-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ Pro. With a fully configurable Magvel Pro crossfader Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 Battle Mixer and customizable FX buttons and pads, you can tailor the mixer to your DJ style. Built to withstand the most vigorous scratch performances, the rugged DJM-S9 features high-quality audio circuitry inherited from Pioneer’s flagship 4-channel digital mixer, the DJM-2000NXS.

Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer, Black,...
50 Reviews
Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer, Black,...
  • MAGVEL FADER PRO Pioneer’s durable magnetic...
  • Customizable FX Buttons.Software system...
  • Filter FX. Rotate the dial to add a high/low pass...

Outstanding features

The DJM-S9 is Pioneer DJ’s first two-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ. With the fully customizable Magvel Pro crossfader, tactile performance pads and FX buttons, you can design the mixer to your liking. The power input is designed to reduce resistance and provide the stable sound you need in loud club environments.

Use the responsive multi-colored pads to trigger hot cue, roll, slice, and loop, or assign the pads to other Serato DJ Pro functions. The EL display shows which mode is playing, and you can use Serato DJ Pro to assign colors to the modes for an even stronger visual cue.

6 Beat FX buttons and 6 Serato DJ Pro FX buttons plus 2 banks give you unprecedented choice. Launch the preset beat FX or replace them with other popular on-board FX. Assign your favorite Serato DJ Pro FX and their parameters to the 6 buttons on the right.


The durable Magvel Fader Pro magnetic crossfader provides smooth response. Use the Feeling Adjust knob to change the operating load, then modify the crossfader’s curve and reverse settings to your liking. In addition, the mixer is equipped with shock-absorbing bumpers made of 3 materials, so you can determine the degree of bounce yourself.

Turn the knob to add a high-pass filter to FX on each channel, or use Serato DJ Pro to switch to other filter FX like Dub Echo, Noise, and Pitch. The MIC input features echo FX and high-quality circuitry to eliminate unwanted distortion.

The clip indicator lets you know when your input levels are too high, while the peak limiter eliminates distortion on the master output. This unit is fully MIDI assignable via USB. Send control information to external devices and use the mixer as a MIDI controller.


  • Durable Magvel Fader Pro magnetic crossfader
  • Customizable FX buttons
  • Filter FX like DUB echo, noise and pitch
  • 2 large levers
  • 2 integrated USB sound cards


  • Some users feel the build quality could be improved

#2 Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2-channel mixer for Serato DJ

Thanks to the built-in sound card, this 2-channel mixer is Serato DJ Pro ready right out of the box. Equipped with a Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer for Serato DJ The DJM-S3 is an extremely durable Magvel crossfader, inherited from the DJM-900NXS2, that offers smooth and precise response.

The scratch-friendly layout creates more room for your creativity in the booth. You don’t have to take it easy, because the DJM-S3 is built to withstand intense performances. And to add even more creativity to your performances, you can connect the DDJ-SP1 controller and use its large performance pads for tactile control of many of Serato DJ Pro’s features, including its FX.

Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel...
52 Reviews
Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel...
  • Built-in sound card
  • MAGVEL crossfader
  • Independent channel filters

Outstanding features

It has a fantastic built-in sound card. Connect your PCMac to Serato DJ Pro with a single USB cable and mix and scratch your digital files via turntables and the Serato DVS Control Vinyl or compatible multiplayer. The responsive Magvel crossfader makes scratching a breeze. The fader has the same quality as the DJM-900NXS2 and is precise, smooth, and durable with more than 10 million movements.

Turn the filter knob on each channel to create unique textures. Turn the parameter knob to adjust resonance and add excitement to your performances. Thanks to the mixer’s dithering technology, you’ll hear the true, high-quality sound of your tracks whether you’re playing from digital or analog sound sources.

The XLR connectors deliver premium sound quality. And the signal GND holds the ground lines from analog turntables. It also features two headphone outputs. You can connect both a ¼-inch stereo jack and a 3.5mm mini jack to the DJM-S3. Choose your size or attach 2 headphones when playing back to back.


Independent channel filters make your job easy. Turn the filter knob on each channel to create unique textures. Turn the parameter knob to adjust resonance and add excitement to your performances. Whether you’re playing with digital or analog sound sources, the DJM-S3 produces high-quality audio thanks to its dithering technology.


  • Magnetic crossfader
  • Independent channel filters
  • High sound quality
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Built-in Serato DJ-enabled sound card with DVS support


  • Fader feels a bit weak for some users

#3 Denon DJ DNMC6000MK2 premium DJ controller and mixer.

The MC6000MK2 is Denon DJ’s next generation, flagship professional DJ controller and digital mixer. Created as the Denon DJ DNMC6000MK2 Premium Digital DJ Controller & Mixer The sleek steel desktop chassis combines a 4-channel, 8-source, real-time matrix digital mixer with a class-leading 24-bit digital and analog audio interface without compromise. A true, truly professional digital controller-mixer and a long-term performance partner for visionary DJs – welcome to the Denon DJ MC6000MK2.

Denon DJ MC6000MK2 | Premium...
53 Reviews
Denon DJ MC6000MK2 | Premium...
  • Slim Tabletop design for various DJ applications...
  • Includes free software downloads to Serato DJ Lite...
  • Real-time Matrix Operation, Analog Sources, USB...

Outstanding features

The unit opens up the creative possibilities of 4-deck mixing to everyone and places all the key transport, pitch, EQ, loop, hot cue sample, etc. elements on the top panel. elements ergonomically to ensure optimal, flawless live performance. The MC6000MK2 can be equipped with tabletop CD and vinyl decks. Furthermore, additional input sources can be easily integrated, with USB audio input routing for even more flexibility. The MC6000MK2 also ensures fast and efficient DJ transitions.

The new MC6000MK2 gives DJs the peace of mind that all the faders, knobs and buttons are right where they need to be – so they can dive in and focus fully on their creative performance, which is what matters most!


Designed to be the definitive tool for today’s most demanding club and mobile DJs, the sleek steel desktop chassis combines a real-time 4-channel, 8-source digital mixer with a class-leading 24-bit digital and analog audio interface. This Mark 2 incarnation is ready to use out of the box and can be downloaded by Serato DJ users as a full version. It is fully MIDI compatible and can be used with other software solutions via included or created mappings.

DJs can now also take advantage of the world-renowned video mixing capabilities of the optional Serato Video plug-in, which allows them to program, mix, add transition effects and scratch video just as they would with audio. The MC6000Mk2 also supports Serato’s DVS Expansion Pack for connecting turntables or CD decks and controlling Serato DJ via Noisemap™ Control Tone records or CDs.


  • Sleek tabletop design
  • Optimized for Serato DJ (full version).
  • Real-time matrix operation, analog sources, USB midi & USB audio.
  • Independent 3-band channel
  • XLR balanced & RCA unbalanced master output


  • Sometimes music freezes for a few seconds

#4 BEHRINGER Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000

The DDM4000 is a state-of-the-art 32-bit digital DJ mixer packed with creative tools, yet its intuitive layout allows BEHRINGER Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 you to feel at home in no time. Editing, saving and recalling your settings is simply a breeze! Connect your turntables and CDMP3 players to the 4 stereo channels, each with fully programmable EQ and kill switches. Get extremely versatile with the fully programmable beat-syncable multi-FX modules, two high-precision BPM counters, and a digital crossfader with custom curve adjustment. And the super-cool BPM-synced sampler with real-time pitch control, loop and reverse functions will wow your audience.

Behringer DDM4000 5-channel...
289 Reviews
Behringer DDM4000 5-channel...
  • 4-channel Digital DJ Mixer with Sampler
  • Dual BPM Counters MIDI
  • 4 FX Sections

Outstanding features

The DDM4000 has 5 independent channels. Channels 1-4 are crossfader-assignable stereo channels suitable for both vinyl and CD decks, with corresponding phonoline level switches on the input. All channels feature 3-band digital EQs with up to 12 dB of boost and infinite cut (“kill”) options. Thanks to the PFL switch above the fader, each channel can be monitored directly through headphones.

A dedicated microphone channel is available in mono with 2 XLR microphone inputs. The vocal channel has a special “talk” function that attenuates the volume of the other 4 channels so you can be heard over the music. The mic channel also has its own FX section that can be controlled with a single button.


The DDM4000’s BPM-synchronized sampler is a sought-after addition. The sampler allows you to record a segment of incoming audio and loop it continuously without slowing down the beat. Once your track is looped by the sampler, you can swap discs and queue up new tracks to mix back in. The transition is seamless!

The DDM4000 features an impressive dual FX section that incorporates our patented BPM counting technology. This allows the mixer to display the BPM of 2 different inputs and apply BPM synchronized effects, such as an echo synchronized to the beat of the music. Effects such as bitcrusher, reverb, delay, pitch shift and more are available and can be independently assigned to multiple channels.


  • Beat-synced sampler
  • 4 multi-FX sections, 2 BPM counters and digital crossfader
  • 4 PhonoLine stereo channels
  • 2 microphone inputs with gain, EQ, talk function and FX
  • Fully featured MIDI controller for your DJ software


  • Some users find the layout a bit too complex

#5 Allen & Heath XONE:23 2-Plus 2-Channel DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath’s Xone:23 is a 2+2 channel DJ mixer with pro features usually found on the stand of Allen & Heath XONE:23 2-Plus-2 Channel DJ Mixer a top-of-the-line club, including an upgraded version of the legendary Xone filter with resonance control, VCA faders, 3-band total kill EQ, illuminated switches, cross-fader curve selector, and styling inspired by the flagship Xone: DB4. For IO, the mixer includes two pairs of RCA line inputs and two pairs of RCA phono inputs.

Allen & Heath XONE:23 2-Plus-2...
127 Reviews
Allen & Heath XONE:23 2-Plus-2...
  • 2+2 channels with dual phono/line inputs
  • VCF Filter system: low pass and high pass filters...
  • 3-band true total kill EQ

Outstanding Features

Although the mixer has two faders, each of the four inputs has independent level control, allowing up to four sources to be played simultaneously in the mix. It also has dedicated stereo send and return channels for integrating external effects units. On the front panel of the unit is a balanced XLR input for connecting a microphone, with level, high-frequency, and low-frequency equalizer controls.

Master outputs are routed to balanced XLR connectors, and the mixer has a dedicated stereo booth output and a dedicated stereo record output for recording your mixes to a portable recorder. 18-inch and 14-inch headphone jacks allow cueing with a variety of DJ headphones. Gain controls for all four channels are provided on the front of the mixer for control.


The four inputs are slotted on the left and right sides, and each has a 9-segment LED light indicator, separate high, mid, and low frequency total kill EQ controls, a VCA channel fader, an illuminated cue button, and an illuminated button to activate the filter on that side. The center section contains an illuminated knob to activate the external effects send return, an illuminated knob to activate a high-pass filter, an illuminated knob to activate the low-pass filter, a frequency selector knob for the filter, and a VCA resonance control from mild to wild.

The crossfader has a switchable curve for mixing or scratching. As an option, users can replace the standard crossfader with Allen and Heath’s high-end in-fader for improved performance (sold separately).


  • 2+2 channels with two phonoline inputs.
  • VCF filter system
  • 3-band true total kill EQ
  • External FX loop
  • Touring quality


  • Crossfader has dead zones on both hard stops

#6 pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 mixer

The DJM-250MK2 is a serious entry-level mixer for the budding DJ and turntablist. Those who like to fiddle with effects Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 Mixer but for DJs interested in a robust mixer for cutting and scratching as well as simple mixing and blending, it’s hard to think of anything better than the DJM-250MK2.

Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2...
90 Reviews
Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2...
  • 2-channel Digital DJ Mixer with 3-band Isolator...
  • Replaceable Magvel Crossfader
  • Sound Color FX Filters

Outstanding features

There are two channels here. Each has three-band EQs, a channel fader, a trim pot, a headphone cue button, and a magvel crossfader carried over directly from the DJM-900NXS2. Also carried over from that mixer are the Sound Color FX filter and parameter knobs. Crossfader curve and hamster switches are also located on the front panel. You can switch between USB (for Rekordbox DJ use), line or phono input for each of the two channels.

There is a dedicated control for the master output, as well as cue and level controls for headphones. The DJM-250MK2 is equipped with a switchable aux input: you can choose to receive input from the rear panel aux input RCA jacks or from your computer via a USB connection. Microphone level and tone controls round out the front panel controls.


On the back are a power switch, a jack for the power brick (not a fan of this because if you lose it, it’s harder to replace than the usual three-prong power cord found on pro DJ gear), RCA master outputs, XLR master outputs, phono and line inputs for both channels one and two, an RCA aux input, a 14″ mic jack, and a USB output. That’s a lot of connectivity for an entry-level kit. The only thing missing here is a booth output, but by omission Pioneer DJ has indirectly categorized this as a mixer for home or small gig use, as opposed to mobile or club DJ use.

The DJM-250MK2 comes with a Rekordbox DJ license and is Rekordbox DVS compatible – although it comes with the Rekordbox DVS add-on, you’ll need to purchase the Rekordbox Control Vinyl Control CDs separately.


  • Clear layout and wonderful faders
  • Smooth mixing
  • Flagship filter FX
  • Built-in USB sound card
  • Rekordbox DJ bundled


  • Not the best for vinyl recording

#7 Numark M6 Professional Four-Channel USB DJ Mixer

Numark is a well-known brand for manufacturing high-quality DJ equipment. They are famous for their sleek design, Numark M6 Professional Four-Channel USB DJ Mixer responsive operation, interactive user interface and great performance in their products. Their products are revolutionary and offer high-quality performance for beginners or professional DJs. Mixers from this brand are the perfect combination of classic, sleek feel and cutting-edge technology that leads to added performance.

Numark M6 USB - 4-Channel DJ...
2,157 Reviews
Numark M6 USB - 4-Channel DJ...
  • Versatile, Feature Packed – Four-channel DJ...
  • Connectivity Covered – Multiple phono, line and...
  • Mix Control - Four channels outfitted with a...

Outstanding Features

With the Numark M6, you can upgrade up to a four-channel mixer. Not only does this club-style design work with all standard audio sources like turntables and CD players, but it also features a USB computer port. When connected to your Mac or PC, the plug-and-play connection allows you to mix in audio from music player software and record your sets in virtually any audio recording application.

The M6 gives you a full range of key performance features, including three-band EQ and per-channel LED indicators. The M6 features a replaceable crossfader with slope control, and you can assign any channel to either side of the crossfader.

You can talk over the mix with the M6’s dedicated XLR mic channel and a secondary mic input on channel four. And for the best possible sound, the M6 has balanced outputs. With the M6, you get all the flexibility of a four-channel mixer plus the power of a computer link.


This Numark mixer, the subject of this Numark M6 review, stands out from the brand’s other products for its main feature, its USB connectivity. If you want to connect it to your Mac or PC with its plug-and-play functionality, you can easily mix audio from the music player software.

Moreover, you can also record your tracks directly to your connected device. With the 4 channels that this mixer offers, you can use multiple music sources. At a very affordable price, for such great features, this DJ mixer is definitely a good deal.


  • Four input channels, each with amplification
  • Three-band EQ
  • LED metering
  • USB computer connection
  • Playback of music from music player software


  • There is no EQ off switch

#8 Pyle 8-Ch. Studio DJ Mixer

The 8-Ch. Studio DJ Mixer continues Pyle’s commitment to providing more affordable, stripped-down, yet high-quality products. Pyle 8-Ch. Studio DJ Mixer The mixer features a built-in audio interface, so you can connect it to your PCMac with a single USB cable.

Professional Audio Mixer Sound...
1,631 Reviews
Professional Audio Mixer Sound...
  • USB/Flash Reader /MP3 Compatibility : Connect your...
  • Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming : Hassle and...
  • MIC plus Sterero Line Inputs : Supporting XLR and...

Outstanding features

The 8-channel studio DJ mixer is small but powerful. It has a solid metal construction all around. The rubber knobs are weighted and have a good grip, the two-tone FX knobs are chunky, and the Beat FX selectors don’t feel like they snap into place. Again, they feel solid when first used.

On the front of the unit is a two-channel mixer section with three-band EQs, a mic level and EQ tone control, and a master output control. The aux section has a level control as well as a switching matrix that lets you choose where to receive the aux signal from the laptop, the RCA aux input, or the return aux input.


Beat FX are effects manipulated with the Beat FX knobs on the right side of the unit. They are tempo-dependent, meaning that the effect they produce depends on the BPM you set using the Tap Tempo button, which is shown on the Beat FX OLED display. The Pyle mixer could be a solution if you need a budget mixer for your house party.

This mixer is not compatible with the software. You can connect your music sources to any of the three channels via USB stick, RCA cable, or Bluetooth (although Bluetooth is unreliable and only works when the unit is very close to the mixer). These music sources can be turntables, CDJs, phones, tablets, or any other source of music that has an RCA output. If you are using a computer, you can play songs from Spotify or iTunes, but there is no software that allows you to “mix” music.


  • Mixing of multiple 8-channel audio sources
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless receiver
  • FX (analog effects)
  • 16-bit DSP processor
  • Direct-to-computer connectivity and audio recording capability
  • LCD digital display
  • Front panel control center


  • The mixer’s USB port does not connect to computers.

#9 Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX Hybrid Compact Mixer

ZEDi-10FX combines the ruggedness and practical control of an analog mixer with a high-quality 4 x 4 USB interface and Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX Hybrid Compact Mixer An excellent multi-model FX device, making it a perfect all-around choice for musicians, recording artists, and venues. Whether it’s bouncing ideas around at home, performing live, or recording tracks to share with others, the ZEDi-10FX is a versatile companion for every step of the creative journey.

Allen & Heath ZED-6 – Ultra...
80 Reviews
Allen & Heath ZED-6 – Ultra...
  • The compact ZED range of mixers feature the same...
  • GS-Pre XLR microphone preamps, developed from...
  • A 100Hz High Pass Filter on every mono input...

Outstanding features

Studio-quality USB interface (24-bit, 96 kHz, 4×4 USB) makes it easy to record multitrack directly from the mixer to a Mac or PC without the need for additional equipment. Featuring the new GSPre preamp design, ZED features exceptionally low noise and massive headroom, with signature analog warmth and depth.

ZEDi-10FX includes a custom-designed suite of studio-quality reverbs, delays, and special multi-model FX crafted by Allen & Heath’s in-house effects aficionados. Guitarists will be pleased to know that two of the ZEDi-10FX’s mono channels feature high-impedance Guitar DI inputs, allowing guitars to be connected directly to the mixer without the hassle and expense of carrying separate DI boxes.


Offering the best of both worlds, ZEDi-10FX features a 4-input, 4-output studio-quality 24-bit, 96 kHz USB audio interface for hassle-free multitrack recording and playback from a Mac or PC, or with the iOS camera kit on an iOS device. The USB output source can be set up in a variety of ways to suit your workflow. The ZEDi-10FX comes with the renowned Cubase LE software, and it also comes with the Cubasis LE app. Cubasis LE makes recording, editing, and mixing a breeze.

ZEDi-10FX features a brand-new set of studio-quality reverbs and delays designed specifically to enhance your recordings and performances. Special multi-model effects provide unique dynamic combinations of reverbs and delays. ZEDi-10FX features an exceptional new preamp design created by analog guru Mike Griffin and developed from his highly acclaimed GS-R24 studio recording console.


  • USB audio interface with 4 inputs and 4 outputs.
  • Cubase LE software included
  • 4 micline inputs with separate XLR and TRS jacks
  • 2 high-impedance DI inputs for guitar
  • 3-band EQ for easy creative and corrective sound shaping


  • Some users get a hum on their mic input

#10 Rockville RDJ3BT 2-Channel DJ Mixer

Rockville RDJ3BT is a compact yet powerful DJ mixer with built-in Bluetooth. It has two channels with separate gain, Rockville RDJ3BT 2 Channel DJ Mixer bass and treble controls. The main advantage of this mixer is that it is made of high-quality materials and offers extremely high sound quality. It is built to be extremely sturdy and durable, so it can withstand abuse without skipping a beat.

Rockville RDJ3BT 2 Channel DJ...
285 Reviews
Rockville RDJ3BT 2 Channel DJ...
  • Rockville RDJ3BT compact 2 channel DJ mixer with...
  • Selectable Inputs for channel 1 and channel 2. 2...
  • Adjustable high, low, and gain knobs on each...

Outstanding Features

We’ve added a USB input and Bluetooth along with the LCD display so you can quickly play MP3 tracks through the mixer. Other advanced features include talkover, cue controls, and a front panel switch that lets you choose which inputs you want to use for channel 1 and channel 2.

If you want a DJ mixer with top sound, and top features, built with top components in a rugged metal chassis, then this is it! The manufacturer also offers a 90-day money back guarantee including return shipping because they are so sure you will be satisfied.


It has a microphone input with its own EQs, and it has a send return channel on the right side of the unit that you can assign the send return channel. You can also connect an iOS device via USB for additional effects processing. The headphone section has a volume and cue mix control, as well as two headphone jacks.

The input selector knob lets you choose from four different options: Line (CDJs XDJs), Phono (turntable), Digital, and Return Aux. Return Aux lets you route audio coming from the Send Return channel to one of the four channels on the mixer. This is useful if you want comprehensive control over the Aux signal, i.e. if you can use the EQs, Sound Color FX, and Beat FX on it.


  • 2-channel mixer with USB, Bluetooth and LED display.
  • Selectable inputs for channel 1 and channel 2
  • Adjustable high, low, and gain controls for each channel
  • Microphone volume control
  • Individual volume control
  • Master volume control
  • Channel 1 and channel 2 faders and crossfader


  • No adjustment options on the crossfader

#11 BEHRINGER Pro Mixer DX626

The Pro Mixer DX626 is a professional high-quality 3-channel DJ mixer with a built-in Beat-Per-Minute (BPM) counter, BEHRINGER Pro Mixer DX626, and embodies a proven 3-channel design loved by DJs worldwide – beginners and professionals alike. Its super-smooth dual-rail “Ultraglide” crossfader with up to 500,000 life cycles guarantees years of trouble-free fun.

Behringer Pro Mixer DX626...
452 Reviews
Behringer Pro Mixer DX626...
  • 3-channel DJ Mixer with BPM Counter

Outstanding features

Numerous features such as three stereo channels with two inputs with gain and 3-band kill EQ (-32 dB), and one channel that is additionally switchable to a studio-quality ULN mic input, as well as the manual talkover function, allow you to work in a completely new and imaginative way. The DX626 is extremely easy to use and helps you let your creativity run wild. Other features include the PFL function with a MasterPFL mix option and a peak hold level meter with a dedicated PFL bar graph. There is also a BNC gooseneck lamp socket.

The first channel can also be switched to a studio-quality ULN mic input for manual talkover. The PRO MIXER DX626’s BPM counter is an extremely useful feature. It ensures a smooth transition from one track to the next and makes your session an absolute success. It can calculate the different tempos of the tracks in bpm (beats per minute). The left display shows the tempo on channel 2 and the right display shows the tempo on channel 3.


The PFL signal is your headphone signal. It allows you to preview music without affecting the master signal. The headphone channel signal is picked up before the fader (PFL=Pre-Fader Listening). With the three buttons CH-1, CH-2, and CH-3 you determine the signal source for the headphone signal. You can audition the channels individually or listen to all three simultaneously.

Connect a standard 12-volt BNC lamp and get a better view of your board, even in the darkest performances.


  • Professional 3-channel DJ mixer with ultra-low noise.
  • Intelligent dual BPM counter
  • Super-smooth, durable Ultraglide sliders
  • Manual talk over function
  • Studio-quality microphone input with ULN technology
  • Monitor function with MasterPFL mix option
  • BNC gooseneck lamp socket
  • Gold-plated RCA connectors for maximum signal integrity


  • There is no crossfader curve knob

#12 BEHRINGER Pro Mixer NOX101

Whether you’re just putting together your DJ rig or looking for an extremely easy-to-use mixer, the NOX101 DJ BEHRINGER Pro Mixer NOX101 The mixer was designed with you in mind. Professional features include a balanced mic input with the exceptional XENYX Mic Preamp, recognized by audio professionals around the world for its transparency and low-noise, high-headroom performance; super-smooth Ultraglide VCA crossfader and channel faders with up to 500,000 cycle life; premium phono preamps; and massive connectivity options.

Behringer Pro Mixer NOX101...
326 Reviews
Behringer Pro Mixer NOX101...
  • 2-channel DJ Mixer with 3-b EQs with "Full-kill"...

Outstanding features

You can connect two stereo sound sources to the Behringer Pro Mixer NOX101 DJ mixer – turntables, mp3 players, synthesizers, drum machines or anything else you want. Modern DJs need more tools than just a couple of inputs and a crossfader. The Pro Mixer NOX101 DJ mixer features a high-quality mic input, sweet 3-band EQs with kill filters, and comprehensive metering to keep your signal levels exactly where you need them. With its impressive functionality, the Behringer Pro Mixer NOX101 DJ mixer offers a lot of value.

All NOX series DJ mixers, like the Pro Mixer NOX101, feature Behringer’s “touchless” VCA-controlled crossfader for incredibly smooth performance. You won’t get hung up on this crossfader, no matter how fast you operate it. Even better, the crossfader curve can be adjusted to perfectly match your style.


Designed for both professional DJs and beginners, the NOX101 offers RCA inputs for turntables, tape decks, and CD players, as well as professional features such as a balanced TRS mic input with our legendary XENYX Mic Preamp, and balanced (as well as unbalanced) outputs for connection to power amplifiers or active speaker systems.

When you plug in a NOX101 DJ mixer, you can be sure your performance will be spectacular – and at a price that will leave you money for a lot more music! The superior build quality and rugged components used in the NOX101 mixer mean it will serve you well for many years to come.


  • Premium 2-channel battle DJ mixer.
  • Fully VCA-controlled cross and channel faders
  • Replaceable, durable ultra glide crossfader
  • Directional reversal and adjustable crossfader curve control
  • Fantastic 3-band EQs with kill filters


  • Crossfading between songs could be a bit smoother

#13 Pyle PMX7BU Bluetooth 3-Channel DJ-MP3 Mixer

The PMX7BU Bluetooth compact DJ mixer will help your performances sound great every time. You’ll be ablePyle PMX7BU Bluetooth 3-Channel DJ MP3 Mixer to professionally mix your entire digital MP3 library with your turntables or other connected devices. Bluetooth technology lets you wirelessly add your iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, or tablet to your DJ session. Stream music like Pandora or Spotify wirelessly from your Bluetooth device directly into your mix. Enjoy an affordable mixing solution with the Pyle PMX7BU Bluetooth Compact DJ Mixer.

Outstanding Features

This Bluetooth multi-channel DJ mixer is compatible with all your favorite Bluetooth devices. With the PMX7BU, you can stream directly to it from your Bluetooth-compatible device. Free yourself from those extra cables and enjoy the clear sound with a quick wireless setup. This feature makes it a breeze for you to quickly and easily stream all your favorite music wirelessly straight out of the box to the unit.

With the PMX7BU, you can easily combine and mix the 2 AUX input sources with Bluetooth audio or MP3s. This feature allows you to connect any audio source (microphone, phone, MP3 player, etc.) and combine it with Bluetooth audio, USB flash MP3, or any audio channel in your device. The AUX inputs are also switchable between line level and phono input.


A built-in USB flash reader allows you to load your USB flash drive or device with MP3s and play them through your mixer. Enjoy all the benefits of MP3s with the ability to use your channels normally. Just plug it in and you’re ready to access all your files.

Once connected to your USB flash reader or Bluetooth device, you can use the built-in controls to access the MP3s on your USB flash and Bluetooth device. These controls allow you to pause playback, skip tracks, and switch between modes.


  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming.
  • Works with iPhone, Android, smartphones, iPad, tablets, PC, etc.
  • Two 14″ microphone inputs
  • Phono RCA audio line inputs for connecting external devices
  • Frequency range: 20hz – 20khz


  • Some users have problems with microphone voice input

#14 Alto Professional ZMX52 5-channel 2-bus mixer

The ZMX52 is the perfect mixer for quick, easy, and hassle-free setups. Not only can you mix dynamics, condenser, and Alto Professional ZMX52 5-Channel 2-Bus Mixer Wireless microphones feed into the first channel, but you also get two stereo channel inputs for keyboards, drum machines, and other instruments. You can also easily connect your MP3 player, CD player, or audio from a DVD player to the CDTAPE input. But you also have a dedicated stereo output that you can send to a recorder in addition to the main stereo outputs.

Alto Professional ZMX52 |...
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Alto Professional ZMX52 |...
  • A Mixer For Any Occasion - Six total inputs with a...
  • Superior Sound Quality - High headroom circuitry...
  • Tweak Your Sound - Warm, natural two-band EQ on...

Outstanding features

The ZMX52 is a 5-channel mixer with all major inputs, outputs, and EQ for solo performances and multimedia studios. It features 1 mono channel, balanced TRS inputs, two-band EQ, and more. Choose the ZMX52 as the central command for your live performances, home studio, or video suite. Connect microphones, keyboards, drum machines, MP3 or CD players, or audio from a DVD player. It also delivers two stereo channels, each with two balanced TRS inputs. There are even two-track inputs for things like audio playback.


Sometimes venues are dark and it can be difficult to tell what you’re working with. Alto Professional solves this problem not only by color coding each section of the mixer but also by using brightly colored buttons so you can easily find what you need to adjust before you even lay a finger on the mixer. The blue, red, and white knobs are instantly easy to see in low light. The bright LED indicators for output level, peak, and phantom power help you get visual cues even in dark rooms.


  • RCA inputs and outputs for seamless integration of AV equipment.
  • 14-inch input for channels 2-5
  • Discrete microphone with ultra-low noise
  • Switchable aux input (for headphones or main mix)
  • Precise 4-segment LED metering
  • Peak LEDs on each channel


  • It creates too much static noise for recording

#15 JUST MIXER BatteryUSB-powered portable pocket audio mixer.

Maker Hart’s JUST MIXER was designed by professional sound equipment manufacturers to fill an unmet need. JUST MIXER Battery/USB Powered Portable Pocket Audio Mixer is a simple mixer without too many bells and whistles. However, it is perfect for those who need a reliable and accessible option to combine audio from up to 3 devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, MP3 players, Amazon EchoDot, game consoles, microphones, instruments, etc.) and output it to a single headphone or speaker.

JUST MIXER Audio Mixer -...
  • Versatile and Compact - The perfect way to mix...
  • Stereo 3 in / 1 out Configuration - 3 stereo...
  • Signal Level - Gain knob allows input of multiple...

Outstanding Features

With 3.5mm input jacks, you can easily connect your devices with AUX cables and then adjust each input separately. Powered by either batteries or micro USB cables, this portable mini mixer can be used virtually anywhere, including on the go and in the car.

The Just Mixer can be used not only at your personal workstation but also by musicians, DJs, or audio engineers to monitor audio output. The Just Mixer saves you from lugging around heavy equipment and can be used in most environments, whether it’s a home recording studio, on the road, in a music club, or anywhere you want to perform or record. It’s also ideal for combining different sound inputs for webcasts on Facebook Live, YouTube, and other live streaming platforms.


The only thing about the whole package that can be a bit disappointing is the lack of cables. There is no micro USB charging cable or 3.5mm audio extension cable – something you will definitely need.

The construction and build quality of the Just Mixer could be a bit better, but we can’t really complain about such a cheap product. One thing you might want to watch out for is the potential noise from external interference. However, if you use high quality microphones, you should be fine.


  • Versatile and compact
  • Stereo 3 in 1 out configuration
  • Gain control allows input from multiple devices from mic to line level
  • LEDs light up when signal level overloads mixer capacity
  • Stereo headphone connection for convenient stereo monitoring and use as a sub mixer


  • Poorly thought-out placement of the USB port